What Makes Your Texas Wedding Photos One of a Kind

Unobtrusive. This is the word that we love to use every time our clients ask us to describe our approach to photographing a wedding. If based on a dictionary definition, it means simple and concise, not conspicuous or very extravagant. This sums up our philosophy.

Your bridal photography austin is a team of highly-skilled wedding photographers that believe every couple deserves wedding photos that they’re going to cherish for a lifetime. It’s an experience that should be enjoyed at every stage of the preparation, instead of being stressed out and pressured during the months prior to this once in a lifetime celebration.

For us, we highly regard a wedding as a memorable event that should be photographed sympathetically, quietly, and the photographer in-charge shouldn’t discuss what’s supposed to happen in front of the couples. As soon as the photographer engages the subject, the wedding should turn into the photographer’s idea of what it should look like, instead of what it actually is. That in mind, we, at Your Texas Wedding Photos, prefer to record in such a way that we’ll produce images that are honest and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Each wedding is covered by our team, but this doesn’t mean that each one of us stands in the same place and shoot the same things, but in a different angle. Instead, we work individually on the same wedding, as we seek out our own pictures, giving our clients several prospective where they can choose from. For instance, one of our photographers brings together rhythm and geometry, composition and light, while the other one tries to utilize multi-layered compositions in order to show a little humor and juxtaposition.

On a typical wedding day, one of our photographers starts with the groom, together with his groomsmen, while the other one focuses on the bride’s preparations. We capture the ceremony as a team, but the photographers take various spots, and it’s always discretely.

Lastly, our portfolios cover the strength of our approach. The pictures of Your Texas Wedding Photos, sit harmoniously together in terms of artistry and style. We believe that our consistency, expertise, and quality, are just some of the reasons why a lot of people prefer our company among other wedding photographers available in the market. We offer a wonderfully rounded and genuine coverage of the wedding with photographs that aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but will allow the couples to look back and cherish this special day as long as they live.

Book with us at 1840 Events to cover your wedding day, and we will discuss locations, times, your itinerary, preference and numerous other aspects.